For the last *#$%!ng time, Hitler was not a vegetarian

Whatever else motivated the Fürher, it was not a desire for a cruelty-free life style.

By George Delaney

The idea that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian is one of those enduring, but ridiculous, myths (like the ones that state that a vegetarian diet lack vitamins, or that vegetarians never drink alcohol). So what are the facts?

The truth is that Hitler loved meat, and especially game birds. His favorite dish was stuffed and roasted squab (baby pigeon). He also enjoyed rich cakes and pastries.

When he was in his forties, he began to suffer from severe stomach cramps. These pains would often come on after a meal, or sometimes during it. He usually had to leave the table, and at times the pain incapacitated him for several hours.

Although he was offered plenty of advice on how to deal with these pains, he refused to undergo a proper medical examination. Instead, he attempted to treat himself, by applying an elimination diet. He progressively eliminated the rich foods that he loved, then went on to exclude meat. He also experimented with the elimination of dairy products.

At times, the regime appeared to work. But he would occasionally relapse and start to eat meat again, at which point the cramps return. He continued in this way until his death.

March 2003

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