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Veg World has dozens of articles, information sheets and other resources, all aimed at helping you follow a healthy, meat-free lifestyle. Whether you're a long-standing vegetarian, or are just starting out, you'll find a vast amount of useful information here. This page lists our most popular articles.

Vegetarian and Vegan Resources

Ten tips for new vegetarians
Thinking of switching to a meat-free diet? These tips will help you get started.

Understanding different types of vegetarianism
Confused about different veggie diets? Paula has the answers.

Help! I've got a vegetarian coming to dinner. I don't know what to cook.
Cooking for a vegetarian guest needn't be a problem. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Vegetarians in history
If you were to list every famous vegetarian, you would fill a large city's phone book. Here are a few particularly notable ones.

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Well-being, fertility and pregnancy

What to eat if you are vegetarian and pregnant
You don't need to give up your vegetarian diet when you become pregnant, provided you pay attention to three vital nutrients.

Omega-3 and the vegetarian diet
How to improve your intake of "good" fats without resorting to fish oils - and why you need to.

Fertility and the vegan diet
Are vegan women less likely to conceive?

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Food, ingredients and cooking techniques for vegetarians

What the heck is tofu anyway?
Versatile and nutritious? Or boring and tasteless? Yes, tofu is all those ... and much more.

Is peanut butter really good for you, or is it just another fat-rich processed food?
The answer depends on which brand you buy.

A plate of asparagus

How to prepare asparagus
Not sure how to deal with this tasty vegetable? It's a lot easier than you might think.

Is it safe to reheat leftover rice?
You don't need to throw out leftover rice, provided you follow these simple safety guidelines.

A pot of tea

How to make a perfect cup of tea - British style
Britain perfected the art of tea-making. Time for the USA to catch up?

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